United Gear’s Areas of Expertise

United Gear & Machine Company has the capabilities to manufacture precision aerospace and other commercial parts. We are a full machine shop and are equipped to handle most jobs. In the past 5 years, we have added several high-tech CNC machines to our already extensive manufacturing facility. United Gear has a large selection of hobs and shaper cutters on hand.

United Gear offers quick delivery on small to large jobs and we pride ourselves in precision gears in the shortest period of time possible. We are your single source for gear manufacturing and general machining. We assure the quality of our work with in-process and final inspections to ensure parts meet the customer’s exact specifications.

Our services include the manufacturing of: spur gears, helical gears; internal gears; worms and worm gears; bevel gears, gear racks; mitre gears; sprockets; timing belt pullets; keyways; broaching; gear grinding; face gears. Our more detailed specs are below.

We Can Cut Teeth to the Following Specifications

Spur Gears

120 D.P. to 1.25 D.P.
Up to 48″ DIA.

Helical Gears

96 D.P. to 3 D.P.


Involute Splines
Keyways, ‘D’ Hole
Hex, Double ‘D’
Involute Serrations 45°

Internal Gears

Fine Pitch to 4 D.P.


64 D.P. to 6 D.P.

Worm Gears

64 D.P. to 2 D.P.
48″ DIA. MAX.


22″ M All Pitch up to 6 Pitch


Capabilities Available Up To 16” Diameter.
We Can Machine Gears Complete To Your Specifications


Broached to 5/8″ Wide
Shaped to your specifications

Sprockets/Timing Belt Pulleys

All Types

Face Gears

96 D.P. to 10 D.P.
Up to 6″ DIA.

Why Choose Us

      • United Gear offers outstanding, personalized customer service
      • We ensure that the quality of of work meets with the highest customer standards
      • Many of our employees bring over 30 years of industry expertise
      • We have been serving many of the same happy customers for over 60 years
      • United Gear invests in its employees, making sure everyone has the newest, most relevant skills

What Client’s Say

Your understanding and imagination were key to the solution. Congratulations and thanks for a job well done. Birken Manufacturing and Sidney Greenberg really appreciate your efforts!
Sidney Greenberg, Birken Manufacturing