John stands next to the CMM crates freshly offloaded from Germany.

United Gear & Machine has expanded their inspection department with a new CMM gear analyzer from Kapp Niles in Germany.  The KNM 9x is our largest cmm and can accommodate parts up to 1.25 meters (49.21″) in diameter. With a travel range of 1 meter (39.37″), UGM can now supply spline charts for larger turbines and turboshafts.

This new CMM perfectly compliments our ND300 from Pentagear, which has recently undergone a substantial retroftit to closely align it withe the current collection of KNM machines. In fact, our new KNM 9X will run the same Pentagear software and produce identical spline charts that our customers have grown accustomed to receiving.

The Machine is starting to be assembled and unpacked with the crates disassembled in the background.

From the manufacturer:

The KNM 2X / 5X / 9X analytical measuring machines are designed for high-precision measurements of gears, gear tools and rotationally symmetric workpieces.

All guides and base plates made of granite are extremely stable in the long-term and have identically low expansion coefficients. Air bearings with emergency operation properties ensure perfect and wearfree guides without short-term errors. Air spring elements underneath the base plates safely shield from jolts and vibrations.

Special bases are not required. Non-ferrous linear and torque motors of the rotary tables ensure ultimate position precisions and path accuracy. Despite the compact design, spacious travel ranges ensure a tangential generating motion towards the base circle for any profile. Based on the requirements, different scanning touch probe systems can be used. The control cabinet can be arranged freely.

The new KNM 9X situated in place in the newly expanded inspection department.