United Gear has added two new CNC gear machines to our already robust inventory. The first is a Bourn and Koch 100H CNC Hob. The accuracy and speed of the gears we can hob has greatly increased, and we’ve been keeping the machine running nonstop since its installation the summer of 2018

The 100H is part of Bourn & Koch’s line of H-Series Horizontal Gear Hobbers. H-Series machines are designed to produce high AGMA quality gears in a compact footprint. Bourn & Koch gear hobbers are the result of over 30 years of experience in the American Machine Tool manufacturing industry.

  • 6 Axis CNC gear hobbing
  • Standard production of AGMA class 9-10 gears (Quality up to AGMA 13 possible!)
  • Bed designed with anti-friction hardened and ground ways for superior CNC machine life, gear quality and finish
  • Stress-relieved steel weldment base with intelligently applied polymer concrete for rigidity and vibration dampening
  • Automatic Single or Double-Cut Cycles with speed and feed change between cuts
  • Crown Hobbing or Taper Hobbing Cycles
  • Automatic Hob Shifter with parts per shift counter
  • Power-Programmable CNC Hob Swivel for accurate setting of hob slide
  • Manual grease lubrication to all bearing surfaces
  • Full machine enclosure


Most recently, we purchased an additional Fellows 10-4 which has been completely rebuilt with CNC controls by our friends at New England Gear. United Gear’s latest 10-4 offers 2 inches