Our Brown & Sharpe CMM has recently been upgraded to use the latest ND 1400 QUADRA-CHEK from HEIDENHAIN. The Inspection and Quality Control staff have received extensive training on the new interface as well as a refreshing themselves with the operation of the CMM.


The ND 1400 QUADRA-CHEK evaluation unit supports four axes: in addition to the linear axes XYZ it features an auxiliary axis Q solely for angular display. The readout is designed specifically for manual coordinate measuring machines, and can capture two- and three-dimensional features with its measuring computer functionality.


Measurement of two-dimensional and three-dimensional features (3-D)
Points measured via crosshairs or rigid probing element
Automatic point measurement via touch probe
Programming of features and parts
Measure Magic: automatic recognition of geometries
Graphic display of measurement results, either three-dimensional or in the three projection planes
Entry of tolerances
Five coordinate systems can be stored
Touch-probe management for the various stylus shapes

Error compensation:
Linear, and segmented linear over up to 1000 points
Squareness calibration
Matrix compensation over up to 30 x 30 points